Application for
Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL
Warm welcome to apply for
Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL 2023!
The application for SOA TRAVEL 2023 is very easy:
Please choose one of the five different Award categories below and use the corresponding link to enter the application form. Fill in your information as detailed as you can and send us some high-res destination and/or outdoor pictures. Your information below (and any attachments) will be used for the jury as well as for abbreviated versions for www and print.

The registration fee is 500 € for destinations (DMO, DMC, projects, authorities), 250 € for companies (supplier, safari, accommodation etc.) and will be invoiced after registration.

  • 24. February: Registration deadline
  • 5. March: Presentation of all nominees on the SOA Facebook page and at
  • 6. March: Introduction of the Jury members & presentations of all nominees
  • 7. March: Award Ceremony at ITB Berlin
  • 8. March: SOA communication to all DACH channels – social media, newsletters, press release

Before you send in your application - here are the five categories of the SOA TRAVEL 2023:
Destination – The region is providing top services to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who would like to experience true nature and spectacular environments. Safe, enriching and responsible.

Sustainability – The application shows major developments within the scope of responsible travel, which includes the confirmation of relevant programs and also comprehensive adjustments and vision for to conserve nature and follow the development goals of the UN.

Product – The offer clearly stands out from the ordinary travel product. Its showcases Scandinavian elements of living, food, nature, animals or culture in an entertaining way and represents the values of the region and country.

Transportation – This category will become even more important in the future, since travelers make conscious choices on how to travel up north and how to move within or around the destination.

Accommodation – The place to land and feel welcome with a heartful & personal service, comfortable and eloquent housing and the extra special detail which gives purpose to visit and want to come back to.

We, the organisers and our jury of professionals, are excited to receive applications from many different regions. We would like to honour the region with the highest number of applications and will award an extra HONORARY MENTION price to celebrate engagement and agility.

All winners will receive the official SOA Winner Certificate in frame and personal hand over ceremony.

The winner marketing package includes logo, jury motivation statement, and graphic layout.

The announcement of all winner categories will be through at least 3 DACH Newsletters by the SOA presenting partners.

SOA TRAVEL - apply here:
You can apply for 1 category only. Please consider carefully which category is most relevant for you before you click on the application link below.

- Best Outdoor Destination (region/infrastructure)

- Best Sustainability Concept

- Best Outdoor Product for Individuals (activity/adventure/family)

- Best Accommodation

- Best Transportation

Good luck!